We, Namad Studio, consist of a young, creative and active team in areas such as business modeling and its strategies, IT teams, website and application developers, design and graphic design team, and photography and filming crew and
under the management of Mehrdad Salehi, we officially started our activity since 2015.

Mehrdad, who received his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Soura University in 2011, started his professional photography career since 2006 and during these 15 years, his collection eventually turned into a studio and finally to a digital marketing agency which is self-sufficiently active in several areas

In this long journey of many years, many professional and capable people have been added to our team, which you will get to know below and the way they look at this industry.

If you are reading this text then you probably want to work with us, before starting this cooperation you should know that in our team features such as great teamwork, ability and creativity of our crew, proper timing, hundreds of successful projects And there are managers who are happy to work with us, but this is not our most important feature;

This is our most important feature …

Our Customers

Because a young and creative team of 18 people work on even the smallest projects.

Because our team is made up of people who are very capable and expert in their field of expertise.

Because one of the most important principles of our work is to have a correct and promising schedule.

Because we do not think about strange profits and before that, with love for our work, we think about the right result of projects.

Because we had 2140 projects and we have that all of them are now our good friends.

Because we love our work.





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