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Why Do You Need Virtual Tour?

Reduce the cost of introducing and visiting your collection

Increase traffic and visit time of your website

Share easily and get free backlinks

You are different from your competitors

You give your audience a very realistic experience

Gifts of Namad For Virtual Tour Packages

Get visible in Google Maps

Putting your virtual tour in Google Maps, which will increase the traffic of your brand name.

Creating a Google Business

Display additional information of your business when searching on Google, such as address, phone, customer feedback, display of all your social networks, as well as adding the address in the navigation software

Photography from all angles

Our professional photographers take pictures of all the spaces of your company with special architectural photography equipment, which you can print these photos up to the size of a billboard.

200 megapixel photo

Another one of our complementary gifts is the delivery of a 200 megapixel panoramic photography file, suitable for site sliders, brochures and all advertising spaces.


SunStar Virtual Tour Photography Project
Golrang Auto Virtual Tour Photography Project
Philips Virtual Tour Photography Project

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تور مجازی چیست؟

What is Virtual Tour?

The spread of new communications on the World Wide Web has given many businesses more opportunities to be seen and beneficially advertised for their products. Because most people spend more time browsing the Internet by accessing the Internet through mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
Virtual tour is one of the branches of industrial photography and the use of virtual tour gives Internet users the opportunity to get acquainted with new businesses in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.
Virtual Tour is a new internet feature for displaying useful information such as audio file, video clip, time lapse, panoramic photo, contact information, text, etc., which will be displayed briefly in the corner of the Google search page.
In fact, a virtual tour allows you to have a virtual presence anywhere. You can easily see all the details of that place with a few clicks.
Virtual tours with different quality grades and specialized tools are made by skilled people and are placed on the World Wide Web at a reasonable price. This method of introduction allows users to view virtually without physical presence to find the necessary information about an object, place, person and institution whenever they want and to make a definite and correct decision to refer to it in person.

ویژگی های یک تور مجازی خوب​

Features of a quality virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour and its types allows the person to get acquainted with the population of many visitors and new customers, and thus there is more opportunity to earn capital. Among the most desirable unique features in creating a virtual tour and using it, the following important points can be mentioned:

  • The general location of the desired workplace or centers will appear on the Google page with a search and all the details
  • It is possible to add audio and download video and image files on it
  • It is possible to add various charms and edit information in it
  • Have the best quality for showing photos, videos and …

مزایای تور مجازی برای صاحبان کسب و کار​

Virtual Tour Benefits for Business Owners

The expansion of new communication channels through the Internet and social networks has made it easy to advertise and introduce various businesses. One of these effective communication channels is virtual tour.
A virtual tour is a full-color 360-degree view of the inside and outside of a building. They give you a reality-like experience, as if you were really standing in the same place. Virtual tour photography is a very powerful tool. Listings of hotels and real estate agencies with virtual tours have generated an average of 135% increase in online revenue.Now other content such as motion graphics, podcast creation, textual content, etc. will also help you in this way.
By using virtual tour, you will have effective and better communication with your regular customers and the best opportunity will be provided to attract new customers who do not know you.

دیدن یک تور گردشگری مجازی کوچک

The most important benefits of using a virtual tour for business owners and other people are the following:

  • By searching for the name of your profession or subject in Google, a summary of the most important useful information such as address, contact number, photo and a brief description will appear on the Google search page.
  • The user can easily contact you or view the exact location of the address in Google Maps.
  • One can view images related to products, workplace and the quality of each.
  •  In the shortest time, the person will make a decision to cooperate or visit by seeing a small virtual tour of your workplace.
  • You increase customer confidence in the quality of your work
  • The number of your customers will be increased by providing contact information and placing pictures of your place of business.
  • People can get to know your work in their spare time and with more patience wherever they are.
  • In the 360 channel tour, the user can see the clearest image in less time.
  •  Any operating system and device can access the Google World Wide Web.
  • It will be in the list of Google search engine and your user rating will be multiplied.
  • Your workplace or location will be on the Google Maps World map.
  • More photos of your workplace with zoom facilities will be included in the virtual tours.

ساخت و قیمت تور مجازی

Creating and price of virtual tour

Making all kinds of virtual tours is done by experts and precise equipment. The general process of making virtual tours is in the form of high-quality 360-degree camera photography of different parts of a store, institution, restaurant, factory, and so on.
After taking photos, these images are connected by detailed and specialized software and features such as logo, brand, audio file, clip, text and Google Maps are added so that the user can benefit from all the required information without the need for multiple searches.
Tariff for the price of making a virtual tour has different prices depending on the quality and the addition of different items.
The most important factors influencing pricing in making virtual tours are the following:

  • Register the desired location in Google.
  • The larger the place and the larger the area, the more points the virtual tour builds and as a result the price goes up.
  • Putting Google Maps in a virtual tour.
  • Putting an old virtual tour in a new virtual tour.

تجهیزات استفاده شده در ساخت تور های مجازی

The mentioned pricing is only the cost of making a normal and 360-degree virtual tour with specialized facilities by skilled people, and the prices in each of the existing institutions are different based on the quality and manufacturing experience.
For more detailed information on the price of the mentioned services, you can refer to the tariff section of Namad website or contact our experts.
Apart from the existing costs and tariffs, other important factors are also important and influential on the price of making a virtual tour. The most important factors influencing the price of virtual tours are the following:

  • His/Her constructive experience and skill 
  • Equipment used in the creating of virtual tours 
  • Photography location, transportation costs

It is possible to provide 3D space in panoramic photos in a 3D virtual tour. In this virtual tour, the user can view the related photos as an output video and can receive the possibility of virtual presence with all the qualities and details without the need for physical presence and spending time in person. The use of specialized equipment and software for making tours such as 360 degree virtual tour camera and other introduced software, make this matter possible.

هر آنچه باید از تور مجازی گوگل بدانید​

Everything you need to know from Google Virtual Tour

Google Virtual Tour is a new and unique tool in the advertising photography industry and online businesses, giving business owners the opportunity to have a way to be seen and advertised globally at a cheaper and more affordable price.
Features such as Google Maps, compass, virtual tours in international languages, summarizing contact and important information for users and displaying the image of the desired products or place are among these items. All registration of information in Google Virtual Tour is free and one can have the opportunity of extensive advertising only with the cost of creating virtual tours.
360-degree panoramic images in Google Virtual Tours are connected like a rotating sphere so that the user can have a 360-degree view of all parts of the photo and get acquainted with its angles.
Using the virtual tour in the Google World Wide Web, users' information is not only displayed in search engines such as Google Map, Yandex, Bing Map, but also the expansion of communication in virtual media such as Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Delicius And… is also possible.

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