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Why do you need commercial photography ?

Photography is an important tool for content marketing

Inducing your high quality in the mind of the audience subconsciously

A tool to display products as professionally as possible

Increased sales in the digital space due to the audience's deeper connection with this style of photography

Show the details of your products in the best way

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عکاسی صنعتی

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is a way to strengthen the bridge between customers and businesses. The way in which sellers of goods and services can gain the trust of customers through attractive and impressive images and start the path of branding. The customer's first contact with the products actually starts from a photo and this photo should be a full mirror of the product specifications and features and will cause the first positive impact on the customer. Now suppose the subject is a commercial product, so the style of photography will be completely different. The definition of commercial photography can be expressed as follows: Photography of any product, service or environment to advertise and display and inform people about the presence of this business brand in the business world. These photos are intended for use in brochures, magazines, flyers, websites and cyberspace. Advertising photography has many branches in which each photographer works according to his specialty.

انواع عکاسی تبلیغاتی و صنعتی

The impact of advertising and commercial
photography on your business

We are a visual culture. Photographs capture and capture mental images and help us understand the subject without the need to read. In this day and age when the use of mobile devices is widespread, having good promotional photos is more important than ever and its importance is felt. Here are some recent statistics on the impact of advertising photography for your brand:

  • Articles with related advertising photos are generally 94% more read than articles without pictures.
  • Photo-printed presses are approximately 15% more accessible online than a photo-printed press that publishes only text as its content.
  • Sixty percent of consumers who use online search say they prefer to call in a business whose list includes an image.
  • About 70% of e-commerce website shoppers say that the image of the product is very important when deciding to buy

عکاسی از فضا و محیط

Types of commercial photography suitable for any business:

Factory and industrial space photography

Sometimes businesses use factory, indoor, and outdoor photography to impress customers or show the power and size of the company. Displaying the colors of the interior and exterior space, their equipment and arrangement are other subjects of factory photography. Photography of the production line and the environment as aerial and interior is also included in this process.

Aerial photography

Photographing the space and environment of a business by drones or quadcopters from very high altitudes is called aerial photography. This photography is usually used of factories and industrial spaces to show the large size of the company. In aerial photography, all the details have to be carefully examined and even the details have to be seen accurately so that those who are going to work on the project can easily examine and analyze the details.

عکاسی لوازم آرایشی و بهداشتی

Architectural photography

The art of picturing the interior and exterior of buildings, residential or commercial projects is called architectural photography. This model of photography is suitable for real estate, builders and interior and exterior architects to easily portray their work in the form of Show to the customer in the catalog or on the net. Architectural photography must be able to capture in detail all the beauty used in space.

Cosmetics photography

The art of photographing cosmetic products is to provide beauty and elegance. The photo effect of cosmetic products increases when it conveys a sense of beauty and softness of the products to the customer. The need to use such photos is more felt today when fashion, fashion and photography are intertwined. In the cosmetics business, images from brochures, catalogs, and more are considered, so you should be able to present the features of your products to the customer in the form of images with cosmetics photography.

Product photography

Photography of products with a simple background or in the form of decorative photography with the aim of showing product performance and emphasizing details, colors and materials for use in offline advertising spaces such as catalogs, brochures or billboards or online advertising space such as websites or social networks. The product photo should attract the customer's trust and turn it into a buyer.

عکاسی محیط کافه و رستوران

Food photography, cafes and restaurants

Food advertising photography and its sharing on social networks will make more people know about your brand and attract more customers. Most people are eager to see a picture of food before ordering to know exactly what they are ordering and what details are to be served.

360 degree photography of products

360-degree photography of products is a process in which the photographer takes many images of the sides of the product, and finally a complete 360-degree image is designed and produced. All images taken from the products are made using specialized equipment and the camera is rotated around one or more axes.

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a 360-degree view of the inside or outside of a space. The virtual tour gives you a real viewing experience. The details in these pictures are quite accurate and you can easily see different parts of that space.

انواع شاخه های عکاسی صنعتی

Equipment used for various branches
of industrial photography

Undoubtedly, the first tool needed for commercial photography is a professional camera. Technically, DSLR cameras are suitable for commercial photography. Since the lenses of these cameras can be easily replaced, you can use them to photograph very small to very large products. Definitely the next option are lenses that with different types from wide to macro, you can experience different models of photography. Finally, commercial photographers in a commercial photography studio use external flashes, light branches with umbrellas, softboxes, and diffusers to compensate for the light, which can have different strengths and intensities depending on the type and dimensions of the product.

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