Why is tabletop photography important to you?

Why is tabletop photography important?

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عکاسی زمینه ساده

One of the secrets of any online store's success is its first impression on customers. One of the most important factors that determine the extent of this effect is the quality of images taken from products. Even the best products, if not presented well, will run the risk of being overlooked and low sales. Tabletop photography is one of the types of advertising photography that can be very useful in providing quality and professional products in online stores.

دو دسته عکاسی زمینه ساده و عکاسی با پس‌زمینه (in context)

What is tabletop photography?

Product photography can generally be divided into two categories: tabletop photography and contextual photography. In tabletop photography, products are displayed in a monochrome (usually white) background without any shadows.This is while in background photography, goods are recorded in the environment and during use. Each of these types of photography has its own advantages and if used in the right place can help to better present and sell more products.

فروشگاه‌های آنلاین، تصاویر به اندازه توضیحات محصولات

How can tabletop photography help online stores?

For customers of online stores, images can be as useful and practical as product descriptions and even more. Above all, a few clear and concise pictures of the goods help the buyers to carefully examine what they want to buy and choose the best option. As a result, high-quality and principled images can greatly prevent orders from being returned.
As mentioned, images are one of the most important marketing tools. Advertising photos can be published on various websites, social networks, billboards or magazines. Many online stores choose plain background images to present their products because they show the goods exactly as they are and without any extras. This particular type of photography can highlight the best features of any product. Background photography can be very attractive, but not all aspects of the product can be seen in this type of photography.

مزایای عکاسی زمینه ساده​

The benefits of tabletop photography

Since in this type of photography, the products are recorded alone and in a monochrome context, it is possible to fully focus on the products and display all their aspects well. Image editing is much easier in this type of photography and the background color can be changed according to the wishes of business owners.
This type of photography makes the color and shape of the products more attractive.
Simple background photography of products can help to integrate images of online stores. By choosing a particular color as the background for all images, online stores will have visual integrity and continuity. On the other hand, this color can also emphasize the brand identity of any business. Images captured with this particular type of photography will give online stores a modern and attractive look.
These images can be used on various platforms, websites, billboards and catalogs. Therefore, it can be said that this type of photography is very flexible.
Simple background photography can be done in a short time.
The cost of this type of photography is relatively low. So if you have limited time and budget, this type of photography can be a good choice for your business.
Tabletop photography is used for a variety of products, from jewelry to clothing, bags, shoes, home appliances and furniture. In this type of photography, product images are recorded from different angles. Putting these images together will eventually allow customers to get a true view of the product they are looking at by looking at all aspects.

نوع عکاسی ظرافت‌ها و پیچیدگی‌های خاص

Why is it better to get help from professional photographers?

It may seem that simple background photography is not a difficult task and everyone can do it easily. But this type of photography has its own subtleties and complexities. Professional photographers know how to do the lighting and from what angle so that the products can be seen well. On the other hand, by adjusting the light, they prevent the goods from being seen too bright or dark and show their true image. Photographers can also accurately capture the details and features of each product.
For this reason, by entrusting the photography of products to specialized people and experienced advertising studios, you can benefit from the expertise of professional photographers and save your time and money.

تجهیزات عکاسی و نورپردازی

Why is the Namad Studio a good choice for photographing your products?

We have worked with many online stores in Namad Studio and have often done simple background photography for various products. Sufficient experience, skill and expertise along with the use of up-to-date and professional photography and lighting equipment has made our images have a very high quality. The high quality of the images will show the details of your products to the customers well. In this way, they can better understand the texture, color and shape of the products and buy the goods they need.
We are well aware of the importance of professional images in online stores. For this reason, we dedicate the necessary time and accuracy to recording images of your products. Your time is important to us and we will deliver the orders exactly on time. In addition, the price of our services is fair.

تصاویر محصولات عکاسی زمینه ساده

How is tabletop photography done in Namad Studio?

Doing tabletop photography in Namad Studio has a quick and easy process. First you register your order. In the next step, you will deliver the products you want to be photographed. We will then photograph the goods and send you the pictures. Then we edit them according to your request. In the final stage, high quality final images will be sent to you and the products will be delivered to you.
The images we deliver to you are ready to be uploaded to various websites and platforms. So there is no need for any changes or edits by you. Pictures of tabletop photography products, in addition to the visual coherence of the online store, will also show the integrity of your brand.
If you are unsure about the type of photography for your products, our experts are ready to provide you with expert advice in this field.

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